The Complex Automobile Case, Crash v. Accident? Winning Strategies fro
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The Complex Automobile Case, Crash v. Accident? Winning Strategies from Seasoned Plaintiff and Defense Experts

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Trial and Litigation |  Torts |  Personal Injury |  Insurance Law
Kelly L. Andersen |  Lee Aronson |  John R. Bachofner |  William A. Barton |  Thomas D'Amore |  Hon. Brian C. Dretke |  Michael D. Freeman |  Gretchen L. Mandekor |  Douglas P. Oh-Keith |  Ralph C. Spooner |  Hon. Janice R. Wilson |  Michael T. Wise |   2 more....
7 Hours 50 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Apr 29, 2016
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Seminar Location Ambridge Event Center 1333 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

The Complex Automobile Case, Crash v. Accident? Winning Strategies from Seasoned Plaintiff and Defense Experts
Friday, April 29, 2016
Portland, Oregon


Attend Oregon’s premier automobile litigation seminar and master the complex issues facing attorneys on both sides of modern collision cases. Our experts will cover the topics plaintiff and defense counsel must know, from auto injury litigation science and myths, arguing damages, and seeing cases from the judge’s perspective, to cutting-edge uses of multimedia, the very latest on distracted driving, social media, PIP, UIM, and much more!

Application will be made for 6.5 General MCLE Credits.



8:30–9:30    Auto Crash Injury Litigation and Causation: Science, Myths, and Fallacy
•    Principles of causation, risk, and epidemiology
•    The medicine
•    Arithmophobia and experts
•    Sherlock Holmes vs. the asymptote (the impossibility conundrum)
•    Case studies in causality from traffic crash injury litigation
•    Case studies from automotive product litigation
– Michael D. Freeman, MedDR, PhD, MPH

9:30–10:30     The Judges’ Perspective – What Works at Trial? What Doesn’t?
– Hon. Brian C. Dretke
– Hon. Janice R. Wilson
– Hon. Youlee Yim You

10:30–10:45    NETWORKING BREAK

10:45–11:45    Better Ways to Argue Damages in Major and Catastrophic Injury Cases
•    How do you talk about damages?
•    Proof
•    Causation
•    Problems
•    Novel claims
– William A. Barton
– Ralph C. Spooner

11:45–1:00    Lunch (catered lunch sponsored by the D'Amore Law Group and SchulteAnderson) 
•    Featuring an interactive Lightning Round discussion
– Kelly L. Andersen
– Lee Aronson
– John R. Bachofner
– William A. Barton
– Sheila Cieslik
– Douglas P. Oh-Keith

– Ralph C. Spooner
– MIchael T. Wise

1:00–2:00    The Modern Trial: Cutting Edge Use of Visualization and Technology
•    Multimedia at mediation
•    Multimedia in opening
•    Multimedia in closing
•    Multimedia in direct and cross-examination
– Kelly L. Andersen

2:00–3:00    What’s New? “From PIP to UIM to Every LIEN in Between”
•    New PIP statute
•    New UIM statute
•    Liens – PIP, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid
– John R. Bachofner
– MIchael T. Wise

3:00–3:15    Networking Break

3:15–4:15    It’s a New World: Distracted Driving and Social Media
•    Discovery: The new generation
•    Does distracted driving rise to the level of recklessness/punitive damages?
•    Distracted driving and public policy
– Lee Aronson
– Douglas P. Oh-Keith

4:15 p.m.    Adjourn




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