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Ellen M. Klem

Director of Consumer Outreach and Education at the Oregon Department of Justice

Office of Attorney General

Ellen M. Klem, Director of Consumer Outreach and Education, Attorney General’s Office, Oregon Department of Justice, Salem; B.A., Michigan State University (2001); J.D., Case Western Reserve University (2004); member of the Indiana Bar since 2004 and the Washington DC Bar since 2006; serves as a liaison between the Oregon Department of Justice, federal, state, and local government entities and officials, tribes, community organizations, advocacy groups and members of the media. Coordinates financial educational campaigns that target vulnerable Oregonians and works with the Attorney General and the Oregon Department of Justice to prevent and address financial harm that affects vulnerable Oregonians; also plans and hosts speaking engagements and other events to address the need for more safeguards and public awareness activities to prevent financial harm to vulnerable Oregonians; prolific author and presenter in subjects related to her expertise.